Book Review: Kindred by Octavia E. Butler

Black woman and acclaimed science fiction author. Who pops into your mind when you hear these words. Earlier this year I couldn’t think of anyone when I was trying to find a prolific African-American woman who wrote science fiction. My experience with fiction written by people of color and especially by women of color has been tragically limited.

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Book Lovers Holiday Gift Guide

After posting my last Gift Guide for Nerdy Girls, I thought I would do another gift guide dedicated to something else I love, books. It’s very tempting to buy the bibliophile in your life another book to add to their collection, but books are such a tricky gift. You may end up buying them a book they’ve already read, a genre they don’t like, or a book that doesn’t suite their tastes.

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Book Review: Dark Places by Gillian Flynn


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Gillian Flynn is on her way to becoming my favorite writer. The twists and turns of her novels are enrapturing to a reader like myself who’s used to the predictable plots of many YA (young adult) novels. My journey into Flynn’s writing began with Gone Girl earlier this year. After hearing the hype for the movie, I decided to give the book a look to decide if I wanted to see the movie. I never did end up seeing the film, but I absolutely loved the novel.

However, this isn’t a review for Gone Girl. Though it’s Gillian Flynn’s most famous novel, she’s written two other books in her familiar setting of the Midwest. In its sprawl of corn, farms, and wholesomeness, in Flynn’s novels theres’ a darkness lurking beyond the sea of wheat.