Jordan Outfits Vol. 1


When I first packed for my trip to Jordan, I kept thinking about how important it was for me to dress conservatively. On the other study abroad trips I’ve taken to the Middle East, the trip leaders always try to make it clear that we (especially the girls in the group) need to be as covered up as possible.

After traveling to Morocco two times, I thought I was more prepared to pack my clothes for Jordan. In my last adventure to Morocco, the trip leaders made it seem way way super duper important for us to be covered up all the time. While a lot of women do dress conservatively, there’s this big generalizations that every women dresses the same way. Just like how there’s women who dress modestly in the US and women who don’t, the same spectrum exists in the Morocco, Jordan, and throughout the world. I’ve always wondered if this push for us to dress a certain way to help us fit in another country. It’s understandable to help us as students blend in and to help us respect cultural norms. It rarely happens me fit in tbh I stand out quite a bit (hello afro puff and septum piercing). I have mostly given up on fitting in as a fool’s errand honestly. I tried not to dress conservatively in the sense that I’m wearing long sleeves and floor length skirts because a) that’s not authentic to who I am b) I’m traveling to Europe after Jordan, so that style will be very out of place there.

In hopes of reconciling my desires to stay true to my aesthetic and dress in a way that respects the values of Jordan, I decided to wear basically pants, cardigans, and scoop neck shirts. Of course, I did bring some shorter skirts and tank tops for Europe, but most of the clothing I brought was pretty multipurpose.

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OOTD: Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking

florals- for spring- groundbreaking. (1)


I try to be a super fashionista, but then I realize that I don’t have a ton of money for my desired aesthetic and I’m in college. These factors have contributed to my très “slightly better dressed than your average psuedo-hipster” aesthetic. But alas (poor Yorick!), I put together an outfit that I really really like today! It gives me very late 90s grunge meets military inspired meets girly in a really fun way.


florals- for spring- groundbreaking.

florals- for spring- groundbreaking. (2)

What’s In My Bag?

There’s something very intimate about seeing what’s in a person’s bag. For some people there bag is a storage container that let’s you see how all the things in their life accumulate. For others it’s their space to keep everything tidy, together, and make their lives easier. I see the accessories that we have extensions of our selves and our choices. Fashion in itself is many times a way to express the things that we value, whether it be minimalist, chic, expensive, or easy fashion. The things that we carry say something about us as individuals.

All of my bags are black with tan accents. I don’t know what that says about me. If I was feeling more introspective I could say that I value simplicity in fashion and things that match together easily. Or that it’s an outward expression of teenage moodiness, a residual side affect of my age 11-13 emo phase. Even more simply, it could be that I just like the color black.

My most recent handbag acquisition is the Hershel Supply Co. Dawson Backpack ($69.99 USD). I typically use a crossbody bag, but the first time I saw the Dawson, I was immediately drawn to it. Carrying a backpack reminds of more simple times in my youth, where I carried only the necessities in a small bag (I say my youth, but I mean like when I was in kindergarten). Carrying a backpack significantly decreases the amount of stress on my shoulders that I typically experience when carrying a purse because the two straps help to distribute the weight more evenly.

I use this bag basically anytime I go out on the weekends/after class when I don’t need to carry my super huge backpack. Despite it’s small size, it’s actually super functional. I can fit most of my daily essentials in the backpack without feeling like it’s overstuffed. I have once or twice used it on a school day when I only have one class, but it’s definitely not a replacement for a standard backpack/tote/whatever that you’d carry school stuff in. Also if you have a smaller laptop, there’s a really convenient, padded pocket in the rear of the bag. Even though it says it can fit a 13-inch computer. I straight up cannot fit my laptop in there unless I wanted to super squish it…which I don’t.

The price is quite a bit steep, but to make it worth the price I’ve been carrying it every time I need a purse. The quality is really good so I imagine it’ll last for a while.

Here’s what I carry on average in my Hershel Dawson Backpack

What's in My Bag

  1. Hershel Supply Co. Dawson Backpack
  2. Banana: I’m all about carrying food with me. Bananas are a super fast snack that instantly makes me feel satiated until I can get actual food.
  3. Contigo Water Bottle: Like every other basic college student who wants to stay hydrated, I keep a water bottle with me…constantly. I try to drink about 72ish oz. a day and carrying a full water bottle in my backpack, which is unnecessarily heavy encourages me to finish my water a lot faster.
  4. Makeup Pouch featuring…
    • Purell: The city is dirty and I’m all about them clean hands
    • Chapstick: Dry lips are one of my biggest pet peeves! This one has sunblock in it, so I know that my lips are hydrated and hopefully not absorbing too many UV rays.
    • Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsitck in Lolita: Ever since I got this it’s been one of my go-to slightly girly lip colors. It’s pinky enough on my skin to look a bold, but it also is a ton more neutral than my more vampy lip colors. Plus, it’s good practice to carry the lip color you’re wearing around with you just in case your lip stick needs reapplying.
    • Sunglasses: One time at the optometrist’s office my eye doctor told me that your eyes can get sunburned. He went so in depth in a horrifying description of sun caused eye damage, that I wear my sunglasses whenever it’s even a touch bright outside.
  5. Wallet: My classic obnoxious hot pink wallet is my fave. 10/10 would buy again.
  6. Journal & Pen: I journal in ebbs and flows. Right now I really enjoy having my journal as a tool to reflect on my day, right down some stories, or do a bit of crafting. Carrying it around gives me a chance to write down my thoughts in the moment when they’re the most pressing.
  7. Tablet: I rarely actually use my tablet for tablet-y things in real life. Since it’s a Nook and Samsung collaboration, it’s main function in my life is as an e-reader to store all my books.

I would carry more, but tbh I don’t have much going on where I need to have a ton of stuff with me all the time.

What are you bag essentials? Do you agree with me that fashion is an expression of self and what we value? Let me know in the comments  or tweeting me @travelingcurl.

Fiction Fashion: 3 Looks Inspired by Agent Carter

Check out my first Fiction Fashion of Agent Carter!

Agent Carter is one of my favorite shows. I don’t know if I’ve made that clear through my constant tweets, retweets, and posts about how the series has positively impacted my life. In my mind Marvel’s Agent Carter is one of the most perfect shows on television today. The show’s heroine Peggy Carter overcomes the adversity of being the sole female agent of the SSR following the second World War, kicks tons of butt, and challenges the sexist, misogynistic discourse apparent in the show’s setting of the 1940s and of our own world today.

The show is full of complex characters that expand far past the archaic archetypes of the female spy, male butler, and female adversary. The characters are full of depth and through each episode we see them grow or be challenged in some way that makes them a better person.

Beyond what I find to be the incredibly impactful and positive nature of the show, Agent Carter has some dang good fashion. If you’re of fan of 1940s fashion, the outfits in Agent Carter will inspire you to toss out your good ol’ skinny jeans and t-shirt for an A-line skirt and flouncy blouse.

In this post I’m going to feature some of my favorite looks from the still of season 2 of Agent Carter adapted for the 2010s, but that still maintain their distinct 1940s flair!

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Best Boots for Autumn, Winter, and the Rainy Season

I live in the good ol’ Pacific Northwest, so I’m kind of an expert when it comes to fashionable apparel that is functional for the rainy weather that this region is known for.

Of course any style post is informed by own fashion aesthetic and since I don’t really follow trends per say, these shoes are all very timeless pieces that I think will look fashionable for a long time. Also, I prefer to buy shoes that are an investment (because then I don’t have to buy new shoes for awhile). With that in mind let us begin!

Doc Marten 1460

Brand: Doc Marten
Price: 124.95


Doc Martens are classic leather boots that are appropriate for every occasion where you want to toughen up your look, seem a bit more badass, or just appreciate the lovely comfort of thick soled shoes. I’m personally quite fond of the black, matte leather variety of these boots, but they come in a ton of different types, colors, and materials (even vegan leather!).
These combat boots aren’t marketed as rain boots, but I’ve had mine for 3 years now, meaning that I’ve waded through puddles, been covered in rain, and sloshed through soggy leaves. After 3 years of wear, my Doc Martens look almost as pristine as the day I bought them. The boots provide quite a lot of ankle coverage, so you don’t have to worry about ending up with water all over the bottom of your jeans. 

How I Style Them: All black everything, with a pop of burgundy and peek-a-boo speckled grey socks

Suede Ankle Boots

Brand: Treasure & Bond
Price: $119.95

I know, I know. Suede is a terrible choice for the rain. Water ruins suede. But wait! With the power of weather proofing spray, you’re able to wear suede boots in the rain.
These taupe boots are a new acquisition to my wardrobe of all black shoes, and I absolutely love them. They have a short stacked wooden heel that adds a wonderful bit of height, but the heel is short enough that they’re fairly comfortable (I’ve walked around campus, gone to work, and run errands in these shoes with only a little bit of foot pain).
Suede Ankle Boots aren’t tradition rain boots, and I for sure don’t wear them when it’s raining…mostly because my university’s campus is a slippery death trap. These boots are ideal for those quintessential autumn and winter days where it’s cold and sunny outside, maybe a bit windy and you want to look a bit chic.
How I Style Them: Black skinny jeans and a cozy oversized sweater

Riding Boots*

Brand: Sam Edelman
Price: $129.00 (sale)
Similar Linked


Whoops, another one with suede…well a suede and leather combination. Riding boots are the perfect mixture of equestrian and East Coast prep school style. They’re a very versatile shoe that looks good with skirts, dresses, and jeans. My riding boots were a lovely Nordstrom exclusive by Sam Edelman that I got last year before my freshman year. Sam Edelman makes some really high quality boots; in the two years I’ve owned them the suede and leather still look really good (though a bit aged).
I wouldn’t recommend these particular riding boots for serious, full-on rainy weather, but they do well in all autumn/winter weather phenomena. Riding boots are perfect for college because if you get a higher quality pair, they are really comfortable, easy to style, and add a bit of classiness to any outfit.


How I Style Them: Cropped sweater, high waisted black skinny jeans, and some manner of scarf

Rain Boots

Brand: Hunter
Price: $148.00


At last we have arrived to the piece de resistance, actual rain boots. In all the years I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest, this is the first time I’ve had rain boots (well excluding the period where my mom bought some cute lady bug ones for me when I was a kid).
I’ve post a full review of my Hunter Rain Boots last year on The Traveling Curl with details on the boots. Since then I still like my rain boots just fine, but I still maintain that any old pair of rain boots will do. Spending $150 on a pair of rain boots is pretty much pointless in my opinion.
If you live on a campus rife with uneven walking spaces, rain boots are a great way to let you slosh through a ton of puddles without fear of getting your feet wet. Hunter Rain Boots are really versatile because of their sleek silhouette and minimalist style, so they look good with basically anything…except like jeans that flare out.


How I Style Them: Literally with anything 🙂

I’ve basically been living in these three pairs of boots for the past couple of years and I’ve found that these styles of boots are the most versatile/staple shoes of my wardrobe!

What are your favorite shoes for Autumn, Winter, and the Rainy Season?

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Capsule Wardrobe Planning

Minimalism is all the rage right now. In a Western, consumption based society that expects people to accumulate more things, it’s interesting that it’s so trendy to declutter and focus on created more intentional consumption patterns.

For most young adults minimalism is like the next step after the clutter and disorganization of being a teenager. The moment most of my friends hit 18 they went from being knick knack collecters with colorful rooms to dichromatic, bare rooms. As we get older, I think that we’re able to find a balance between these 2 opposing aesthetics.

I’ve always at heart been the kind of prefers quantity over quality, so developing a capsule wardrobe was a logical next step in my personal evolution.

A capsule wardrobe is…….. which basically means you curuate a limited  (but not limiting) wardrobe of pieces that all compliment each other. For every “capsule wardrober” there’s a golden number that works for their lifestyle. Some people go smaller at 15 and other wardrobes extend to between 30 and 40 pieces (excluding underwear, workout clothing, and pjs). My golden number is sitting at a solid 40 at the moment because I have a penchant for nice shoes and I refuse to give up the ones I have now…and I’ll be buying a couple more this year.

Most all capsule wardrobes are based around a signature outfit, color, or just general vibe they want to exude. For college students out there who want to develop a capsule wardrobe, limiting yourself to a smaller closet of specifically selected pieces can aid in creating a more professional/trendy/classic aesthetic without too much effort.

Instead of creating a capsule wardrobe for each season, I’m making sort of a core capsule wardrobe and then seasonally I’ll add or take away certain items like sweaters for winter, sandals for summer, that sort of thing.

Currently, my clothing leans to being fairly classic and heavily nuetral…well basically it’s just black and white with maybe some other touches of color thrown in. In my capsule wardrobe, I’d like to keep my basic palette of navy, black, white, and grey, but I’d also like to include some unexpected pops of coral (if I find any winter/fall clothing in this hue) or jewel tones. I’d also like to look a bit more classic and edgy as well, so that means ditching the fast fashion trends from my wardrobe.

I don’t really have a specific uniform in mind or an outfit that will set the standard for my wardrobe, but knowing me it’ll probably end up being a nice coat, black boots, black jeans, and a sweater. However I would like to make skirts, sneakers, and boyfriend jeans more commonplace in my day to day outfits.

To achieve all this I’ve set myself up a $600 budget. Typing that and thinking about all that money just to buy pieces of fabric makes me nervous, anxious, and real bad feeling, but clothing is important to me. The way that I present myself makes me feel good and represents who I am as a person. Plus, many of these more expensive expenses are investment pieces that will be bought  one time or will only happen once a year. It’s definitely possible to spend less on a capsule wardrobe if you buy some of the nicer pieces from Forever 21/H&M, but #yolo might as well do it and do it big.
I’ve found that the best way to plan for my capsule wardrobe and find inspiration has been to use Pinterest. I have a couple of fashion boards where I put outfits that I like and that have inspired many of my purchases. You’ll notice that I’m kind of in love with long coats and a neutral palette, but what can I say, I like my neutrals.Follow Gwynn ‘s board Minimalist Classic Fashion on Pinterest.

I don’t really have too many clear ideas about all the specifics of my capsule wardrobe, but I do have an eye burning brightly colored Excel spread sheet that has the general ideas. To help my keep track of what I’ve purchased, I do have a Pinterest board of all the clothes that I’ve bought so far on my capsule wardrobe, so follow that board if you want more frequent updates 🙂

Follow Gwynn ‘s board Capsule Wardrobe Currently on Pinterest.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this first post in my capsule wardrobe series! Who’s your fashion inspiration? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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Week in Review & Outfits (June 22nd to June 26th)

For some reason I decided that instead of having a fun summer of lazing around and traveling the world, I’d take a summer class. I’ve written about it before, but basically I’m taking a year of Arabic in a summer (yes I mean an entire 30 weeks of Arabic in 10 weeks). I decided to take the class because I really want to become fluent in Arabic and I might pursue a double major; for one of the majors I need to take two different Middle Eastern languages (so expect in two years that there’ll be a blog post of me complaining about learning Persian in a summer).
Arabic is a pretty intense language and this class is taking intensive Arabic to the next level. I’ve done immersion before, so I thought I wouldn’t be too overwhelmed by the course load. I guess I thought wrong because I have about 3 hours of homework a nights and on the first day of class, my bullet journal was FULL! There were like seven homework assignments, five grammar rules I needed to review, and like 50 vocabulary words that I needed to remember.
Along with my Arabic class, I’ve been really busy with balancing working out into my schedule. In my last post from Monday, I wrote about how I’m struggling to find balance in my life. I read online that it’s really good to exercise for an hour a day, so I’ve been trying to heavily up my fitness game. It’s actually really convenient to workout because since I’m taking classes at my university, I’m able to use my ” school given” gym membership, which is pretty sweet. It’s been really nice to jog on the indoor track after I finish class.
Oh! I got a job too 🙂 I’m really excited for my new job because I’ll be in contact with a lot of very important people that will hopefully allow me to find some other fantastic opportunities. I should be working part-time in addition to my Arabic class, which will force me to put my time management to the test.
Instead of my usual “Week in Review” type post, I thought it’d be fun to show some of my outfits this week.  From taking these outfit of the week photos, I’ve realized that my summer aesthetic and just general aesthetic in general is very much based in black & white fashion. Something about black and white (or just dichromatic fashion in general) looks so chic, timeless, and effortless. I don’t have very many summer clothes sadly, so most of my outfits this summer are only a few different pieces. It’s been working out pretty nicely though because in the fall, I plan on having a 40 piece capsule wardrobe. I really like the idea of a capsule wardrobe because minimalism/simple fashion seems to be the best way to craft a clear fashion image. As I get older (wow 18 such age), I prefer to accumulate less things. Too many things make me feel anxious and frustrated because I feel like I can’t organize myself. Maybe in the future I’ll do a cheeky capsule wardrobe post once I get curate a wardrobe that I like.
(If you’re inspired by my general fashion aesthetic, check out this sweet photo album of even better outfits)
Now that I’ve rambled for a while, here are my outfits of the week! My outfits this week are pretty summery (albeit in my not-dressing-for-summer vibe) due to the casual 80-90°F it’s been.



Wow. I sure do wear a lot of black & white. If you like these kind of school outfit of the week posts, let me know and I’ll be sure to do them more often 🙂

What have you been up to this summer and what’s your favorite summer fashion trend? Let me know in the comments!

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