Fiction Fashion: 3 Looks Inspired by Agent Carter

Check out my first Fiction Fashion of Agent Carter!

Agent Carter is one of my favorite shows. I don’t know if I’ve made that clear through my constant tweets, retweets, and posts about how the series has positively impacted my life. In my mind Marvel’s Agent Carter is one of the most perfect shows on television today. The show’s heroine Peggy Carter overcomes the adversity of being the sole female agent of the SSR following the second World War, kicks tons of butt, and challenges the sexist, misogynistic discourse apparent in the show’s setting of the 1940s and of our own world today.

The show is full of complex characters that expand far past the archaic archetypes of the female spy, male butler, and female adversary. The characters are full of depth and through each episode we see them grow or be challenged in some way that makes them a better person.

Beyond what I find to be the incredibly impactful and positive nature of the show, Agent Carter has some dang good fashion. If you’re of fan of 1940s fashion, the outfits in Agent Carter will inspire you to toss out your good ol’ skinny jeans and t-shirt for an A-line skirt and flouncy blouse.

In this post I’m going to feature some of my favorite looks from the still of season 2 of Agent Carter adapted for the 2010s, but that still maintain their distinct 1940s flair!

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