My Favorite Stationery

I’m kind of addicted to stationery. For this post I thought I would focus on the all of the different pens that I have and what I use them for. It’s gonna be a shorter post, but the pictures are pretty 🙂

In my planner I love to use the Sakura Micron PigmaAs you can see from the picture above I have a crap ton of these pens varying from the 005 to the 03 to the 08 to brush pens, basically if Sakura makes it, I probably have it.

I like using these pens because the ink is archival quality, doesn’t smear, and has minimal bleeding. I don’t keep all these pens with me all the time, for the most part I have about 5 in my planner at any given time, but these pens are also nice for journaling.

If you’ve seen my older posts, you know that I used to be a stan for the Stablio Point88 Fine Point pens in my old bullet journal and planner They’re nice pens that come in a lot of graphic colors, but they bleed a bit too much for my taste. I haven’t used them in ages, but once I started journaling again, I’ve been using them to add some much needed pops of color to the minimal color palette I use.

I very rarely use pencils. But I thought what the heck, since they aren’t my most used item I might as well splurge on a nicer model. For my Arabic homework and in class work I use the Pentel Graphgear 500 and a staedtler eraser. It’s a pretty nice pencil. It has a nice weight that makes it feel solid in your hand and a cool metal grippy bit that makes it super easy to hold on to.

Sadly, my picture of my pens ended up looking kind of crap. I use ballpoint Pilot Acroball for all of my notetaking. The pens are really smooth, have a nice darkness, and don’t smear on the paper. I’m a huge huge fan of them.

And yea that’s my favorite stationery! What kinds of pens do you use? Honestly let me know I’m kind of addicted to buying stationery 🙂