Expecto Pa(cking for College)tronum

Sorry that the title of this post is terrible, I really wanted to make a Harry Potter pun and it ended up just being riddikulus (so sorry again).

In one week I’m moving into my college dorm early to participate in a pre-college-get you ready for college-here’s five credits kids-get acquainted to college program and as such I have begun (and finished!) the college packing process. Packing is tough. Consolidating my 17 years of random clothes, old toys, books, and junk has been a difficult, overwhelming experience. I started packing my clothes (plus random doo dads) last Monday.

I organized my clothes into five different piles: keep, donate, sell, leave behind, trash. I kept clothes that I wear pretty often (i.e. the three outfits I wear everyday, like I’m a cartoon character) and clothes that I like. The clothes I chose to donate were clothes that were gently used items that I never planned on wearing again or hadn’t worn in an age.A subset of that pile is the sell pile. In my city there’s a local consignment store that you can sell clothes almost new clothing or designer items. I don’t really have any designer clothes to sell, but I do plan to sell my Levi jeans that I bought like four years ago. The leaving behind pile was probably the most difficult pile to organize. Being decisive in clothes I only wear when I travel or they aren’t in season or they’re speciality clothes was hard to distinguish from the clothes that I should just donate. The clothes that got left behind were my snowboarding jacket, travel clothes,and some random high school memorabilia in case I get nostalgic 20 years from now. The clothes that went into the trash pile, which was actually quite difficult because the idea of throwing something away that I paid money for is not something I’m used to, were the clothes that were beyond gently used either because they were too stained or worn to be donated.

Once I got organized with the piles, the clothes I kept were pretty much in a heap on the middle of the floor. My original plan had been to take the clothes and put them in plastic bins, but since I have no idea what my dorm looks like, I’m going to wait on buying storage items until I move in next week. In lieu of plastic bins, I went to Lowe’s and bought five cardboard boxes (four small, one large) to put my clothes in. However, it wasn’t really smooth sailing once I got the boxes. What should I take? How many clothes does one person need? Should I bring all my clothes now? I’m going to an in-state college, so if need be I can just stop at home and get any clothes that I’ve forgotten. But that’s sort of a hassle and would require me to leave more stuff that would take up more room, so I decided to take all of the clothes I will need for the year (photographed below).

My year long essentials are outerwear, cardigans, heavier cardigans, dresses, sweatshirts, exercise wear, shorts, pajama shirts, pajama pants, skirts, thick sweater, t-shirts, light sweater, thin shirts, thick leggings, and jeans. These clothes will suit the finicky, leaning towards rainy and cold weather of the city my college is located. I took all the clothes and other things I planned on bringing and sorted them into the five boxes I had and this is what I ended up with!

I think for packing it’s important to only bring clothes that you know that you’re going to wear. While it’s nice to plan for the style that one would ideally dress, college packing requires discretion and decision making in packing clothes. However, if my college was out of state, I probably would have brought less clothes and packed more seasonally, so during breaks I could swap out my fall clothes for winter clothes. I would recommend checking out the weather for the city where your college is to find out what clothes fit the weather. Also, fashion and college bloggers that live where your college are can  and bloggers in general can give you great advice for their clothing essentials.

I’m almost ready for college move in! Now what’s left is to buy things for my dorm and back to school supplies.

Thanks for reading!

Adventures in Back to School Shopping

Every school year, I decide to reinvent myself. When I first started high school I decided that I was going to dress in a more classic way, ditching my bright vans and graphic tees of middle school. Sophomore year I thought I dressed way too mature, so I decided I needed to add more casual pieces. Somewhere in my clashing style identities, mixing the clothes I naturally gravitated towards and the style I thought I should adopt, I’ve found a sort of balance in picking pieces that are classic and streamlined, as well as edgier items. Instead of picking clothes to create a new personal style, this shopping adventure, I bought some good staple items that can be worn throughout the fall and winter depending on how they’re styled.

The first stop in my back to school shopping was H&M. I usually find most of my shirts at H&M, and I was not disappointed. In the top row, I found a burnout, grey t-shirt (left), a black and white stripe-y sweatshirt style shirt (middle), a thin white sweater that is quite thin and draped (and will be really great for layering with cardigans/flannels) (right). In the second row, I bought two pairs of ponte pants in grey and black (which are pretty much just thick leggings that are much closer to pants than traditional leggings) that will be a nice substitute for jeans and can be dressed up or made casual very easily. I just noticed too that for all the things I bought from H&M, everything I bought is in varying shades of black, white, and grey and that’s true for most of my clothes. And I found out that H&M has a 15% student discount that isn’t really advertised very much, but it’s sweet to use if you’re a student.

After H&M, I made my way to American Eagle with a 20% coupon in tow to combine with the 10 dollar off all jeans sale and the discount on clearance sale to buy some jeans. I highly recommend waiting to buy jeans from American Eagle/Aerie until there’s a sale because they happen often, plus combined with a coupon you can get jeans for a pretty sweet deal. The two jeans I bought are the Sky High jeggings in Indigo (super duper high rise jeans that reach about waist level on my body) (left) and the Destroyed Hi-Rise Festival in Maroon (not nearly as high rise as the jeggings) (right). The nice thing about these two pairs of pants is that I saved $38.00 on this purchase using both my coupon and the in store sales, and I know this denim is going to last for a really long time. 
I haven’t bought a pair of riding boots since I was a sophomore in high school and bought brown Steve Madden boots that had a destroyed heel in less than 6 months. Since then, I’ve expanded my boot repertoire to contain boots that are a lot heavier and chunkier. I went to Nordstrom during their sale in search of a pair of less chunky, feminine ankle boots, but ended up instead buying a pair of almost knee high Same Edelman Pembrooke boots. These boots are a gorgeous suede and matte leather combination that makes quite striking, unique boot. The cut is very in line with the equestrian trend and the silver hardware in the side buttons and the back zipper keep the aesthetic very classic. During the Nordstrom sale, the boots were almost $70.00 cheaper than normal and the great price and the quality of shoe make it a steal since these boots are likely to last for age while keeping their integrity. 
Before I left my city’s downtown, I went to Nike to pick up a new pair of jogging shoes to replace my heavy, painful old ones I’ve had since my 7th grade attempt to compete in cross country. I bought the Nike Air Pegasus Zoom in the snazzy azure blue and pink color. I got these shoes on sale as well, but I put the normal price because why not. I’ve only jogged about two miles in these shoes, but so far they feel really nice and supportive, whilst still being light on my feet.
I hope you liked this haul! Once college gets in the swing on things, I plan to do some lookbook/styling posts about outfits and I can guarantee I’ll use clothes from this shopping trip. Also, be on the look out for more back to school things, like clothes shopping, school supplies shopping, and dorm posts. 
P.S. I included the prices on these items just in case anyone is interested in purchasing them and wants to know how much they cost. 


After many times of restarting, deleting, rewriting, and deliberating I’ve decided to give this blog another attempt with a more clear direction.

The Traveling Curl is a blog about my life. A place where I can write about all of the experiences I have and the outfits I wore and the food I ate and all of the wonderful places I’ve visited. Writing has always been my medium of expression since I was a child and has helped me convey my feelings and describe my experiences. Later this summer (actually in a few weeks) I’ll be starting college, which is really exciting and terrifying. The situation of being in college is so new and exciting that I think a lot of the moments will get away from my memory. I think that writing about my times in college will really help me connect in a meaningful way with the happenings of college life. But along with that I want to write about my interests in fashion and food and travel, so hopefully this blog can serve as the place for me to do that. There’ll be posts about my classes, outfits, life, food, and tons of other things.