What’s In My Backpack?


Now that the school year has started, I thought it would be fun to share what I’ve been carrying around everyday. I don’t always have all of these things in my backpack at any given time because my classes are at not always everyday, but this is usually what I have with me!

Basically these are the main stays that are almost always in my backpack. I’m kind of a snob about what notebooks I use, so I stick to the same brand.

These Miquel Ruis notebooks are my absolute fave. They’re split into 4 subjects with different colors on the most buttery, smooth paper that’s an absolute delight to write on. Usually I get about two notebooks because they’re kind of expensive at $6.99. Since I take 3 classes, I use one notebook for a class that’s everyday and then use another notebook for my two classes that are only twice a week.

Lastly in the notebook-ish category I have my planner the Get to Work Book. I’ve really been enjoying the layout, greyscale color scheme, and flexibility this planner has been allowing me. I originally thought I wouldn’t carry this planner around with me because of how thick it is, but honestly it hasn’t been that much of a trouble.


Of course as a student, I carry writing implements with me and these that I carry are my absolute faves.

  1. Pencil Pouch: I carry my writing tools in this little pouch I bought while I was in Jordan, mostly because it’s cute and tiny. It’s small size is nice as it doesn’t allow me to carry a ton of pens (which is my natural urge).
  2.  Sakura Micron PensI absolutely love love love these pens. I’m partial to using the .005 size in my planner – color coding for my classes of course. They’re really easy to use and don’t bleed through the paper of my planner. I also have the .01 size pens for using atop of matte stickers.
  3. Pilot Acroball Pen: Ballpoint pens are my favorite kinds of pens to use for my class notes. These pens are my favorite because they write smooth, last for a while, and are comfortable to hold.
  4. Bic Pencils: These pencils are great because they are so dang cheap. I don’t use pencils very often, usually only for my Arabic homework. Since they’re a rarity for me, these cheap ones get the job done. whats-in-my-backpack-1
  5. Arab Media Textbook: I have this class everyday, so it’s always in my backpack.
  6. Skullcandy Headphones: I got these headphones at a White Elephant last Christmas, which was lovely. They make the music sound like it has a lot of depth, cancel out sound, and are super handy to me when I want to do homework.whats-in-my-backpack-3
  7. Moleskine Weekly Notebook: I carry this little planner around with me everyday. I haven’t been using it much, but I plan to use it as a meal tracker from now on.
  8. Hand Sanitizer & Vaseline: Gotta keep them lips moisturized and them hands clean.
  9. Wallet: I got a new Kipling wallet while I was in Italy and so far it’s leagues better than my old one. It cost a lot more than I’m used to spending, but it’s a good investment.
  10. Keys

What do you carry in your backpack? Am I missing anything that’s a must have? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @travelingcurl